How to Get Great Looking Caustics With Redshift

Zak Kelley Demonstrates How to Get Nice, Clean Caustics Using Redshift in Cinema 4D.

Effects like lens effects and caustics can be a bit of a fool’s game in rendering. Still, if you are keen on getting these effects in-render rather than in post, there are a lot of avenues that you can take. If you use Redshift, have a look at Zak Kelley’s latest tutorial that shows how you can get nice, clean looking caustics in Redshift with Cinema 4D.

Zak runs through his setup for the scene, and then covers all the settings to get the best looking and the fastest renders running. Zak uses Cinema 4D, but with Redshift, the settings and process should be very similar no matter what host you are using as your 3D application.

Zak Kelley is a freelance motion designer and photographer working out of Los Angeles. Instagram: @i_go_by_zak