Free RecordAttr Tool Records Mouse Movement in Maya

Free RecordAttr Tool Records Mouse Movement in Maya

Devon Palmer’s RecordAttr works similar to Motion Sketch in After Effects, setting mouse movement into keys.

Have you ever wanted to have a more natural animation to an object in Maya? Something simple that looked recorded from real life — Something like how motion sketch works in After Effects. You can! Check out this free (pay what you want) RecordAttr Tool from Devon Palmer.

With RecordAttr, all you need to do is bring up the panel, hit the record button and then move an object around. The script takes the mouse movements and records them as keyframes into the Maya timeline. It’s simple and could be handy for those times when you need to add natural cues to object motion.

Devon notes that the tool took inspiration from Alex Tavener’s blog post about the recordAttr MEL command.

Get the Maya RecordAttr Tool here.