How to Make a Custom Maya Menu Using PyMEL

Greg Hendrix shows how you can customize the Maya menu system, making your own with PyMEL.

Maya is highly customizable; It can be as can create your very-own shelf items, scripting workflows in MEL and python, or even creating a customized marking menu tailored to your workflows. You can also create your very own custom menu across the top. Watch this short tutorial from Technical Artist Greg Hendrix who shows us how by using PyMEL in Maya.

The tutorial covers how to create a “mirror joint” command as an example that will exist under an utterly new pulldown menu in Maya’s menu system. Hendrix creates lots of TD type of tutorials, for example, his last course was an intro to using Adobe Photoshop as a scriptable pipeline tool, automating workflows and integrations.

Greg Hendrix is a Technical Artist with 8+ years of experience in building character rigs, tool creation, and setting up pipelines.