Working with Corona’s LightMix in Cinema 4D

MographPlus shows how to turn a day scene into night one using LightMix in Corona for Cinema 4D.

Kamel Khezri shares a look into a powerful feature for rendering in Cinema 4D, that is Corona’s LightMix. Corona Render’s LightMix feature lets you adjust the intensity and color of lights both during and after you’ve rendered. The idea is that you can render one time and then make adjustments after the fact without having to re-render the scene.

The tutorial comes to us as an excerpt from a more extensive course, Comprehensive Introduction to Corona for Cinema 4D which has over 8 hours of course content – that’s about 500 minutes of video tutorials, we learn how to use Corona for Cinema 4D. Check out the Comprehensive Introduction to Corona for Cinema 4D here.

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