How to Create VDB Clouds with X-Particles

Jonathan Winbush shows how to use X-Particles Explosia in C4D to create VDB Clouds, rendered with Redshift.

Winbush returns with another tutorial post, this time looking at how to work with X-Particles and the Explosia FX module. X-Particles added the Explosia FX simulation tool from Blackcore tech, formerly a Softimage tool. The tool now handles fire smoke and advection simulations in X-Particles. The simulation tool contains OpenVDB support, and it’s this workflow that Winbush uses to create his VDB clouds.

The tutorial covers creating the VDB Clouds and then using Redshift Renderer to develop materials and render the scene. Then Winbush hops into After Effects to put the finishing touches on the scene.

Check out X-Particles for Cinema 4D which is an essential component of an artist’s toolkit.