Animator Keith Lango Drops a Wealth of Animation Tutorials

Check out Keith Lango’s Video Tutorial Service vids made between 2005 & 2010 for paid subscribers, now available publicly.

Early on in 3D animation, Animator Keith Lango’s tutorials were very popular among people wanting to learn. His Pose to Pose Pop-Through Animation tutorial was standard viewing for all animations students at one point, offering a fantastic overview of the pose to pose process. Lango is a professional CG animator, director, and artist for over 22 years now, and throughout those years he continued to teach starting a VTS (Video Training Service) for paid subscribers.

Recently Lango posted the entire series for free on Youtube for all to experience. “These videos were made monthly for subscribers to the VTS from 2005 to 2010,” Lango says. The videos are 64 total, making it a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn or polish up their animation skills. There are lots of tutorials that cover the technical bits between the software and the animation process, but Lango covers the principles of animation making it valuable anywhere.