3 Methods for Retiming Effects in Maya

Steven Roselle covers and compares three different ways of creating retiming effects in Maya.

Maya has a variety of ways that will let you adjust and play with how frames playback. Some of Maya’s time warp effects are features that have been there since the early days, while others are newer, replacing old workflows. Autodesk’s Steven Roselle covers three ways that you can work the retiming of animation and goes into more details on how they work and how you can use them.

The three methods covers are Maya scene time warp under the key menu. Scene warp lets you easily alter and retime animation for everything in your scene. If you are looking to only retime one character, a Maya Bonus Tool called time warp animation is a better tool. Yet if you want to re-time for a specific animation, the Time Editor’s create and edit time warp is just the ticket.