Use the Layered Method for Easy Run Cycle Animation

Pierrick Picaut shows a layered method for creating run cycle animations.

A new tutorial from Pierrick Picaut shows a method for getting polished animation quickly. He calls it the layered approach. While it sounds like a layering animation feature of the software, it’s more of a philosophy. 

Layered Method for Animation.

Picaut shows how he animated a run cycle using the layered method on animation. The process dictates animating one component of the character at a time and then moving on to the next. The benefit of layering animation is that it allows you to get a beautiful result very quickly. It works well for any short looping animation, like creating a walk, idle or run cycle.

About Pierrick Picaut.

Pierrick Picaut is a Blender Foundation Certified trainer and CG Director at Atypique Studio, a french Indie game studio. Picaut is creating deep-dive tutorials that cover industry-standard workflows in Blender. If you haven’t already, you can check out more of his tutorials here.