Beatnik is a New Beat-Based Time Remapper for Ae

Ebberts + Zucker’s Beatnik easily creates time effects for beat-driven edits.

Ebberts + Zucker are known for creating tools for After Effects that take a neglected workflow and simplifying the process. Now they have a new tool that aims to help for creating beat-based edits in After Effects. The tool is the first script that combines advanced peak detection with time remapping to offer unbelievable control of sound based time effects in After Effects.

If you need footage to land on the beats, there is honestly no more straightforward way using Beatnik. The script lives for audio triggered speed ramps, automatic edits, montages and retiming capabilities ranging from subtle to extreme.

As with all new tools, this Ae script has an introductory special Intro 30% Off until March 19, 2019. Check out Beatnik here.