Merkvilson Releases Symex, a New Generator Plugin for C4D

Symex is a tool that instantly models complex structures through an intuitive interface.

You may have seen some early releases of Symex, a generator plugin for Cinema 4D from the prolific tools and tutorial creator Merkvilson. The plugin lets you create futuristic looking structures. It offers some compelling features through an intuitive interface that is super easy to use.

The C4D plugin works well with Merk’s other plugins like Trypogen and Topowire. You can get some fantastic looking models super-quick using those tools together. The plugin works with R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20 – Studio, Broadcast, Prime, and Visualize. The plugin is currently 30% off using the Discount Code: sym30. Visit the page for Symex for more information.

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