EasySilhouette Lets You Silhouette a Character for Animation

Orhon Yann’s Maya script allows you to highlight the silhouette of a character for animation easily.

The silhouette is an essential part of character animation and is something that can drive a lot of the character. If you are animating characters in Maya a new tool from Orhon Yann that lets you quickly get rid of all the visual noise and shade the character as a silhouette with the click of a button. It’s called EasySilhouette.

EasySilhouette is a Maya script that you can use to display characters, props or other animated elements with a simple shaded version, to better understand the pose. The panel offers a couple of shading options with black on white, the reverse of that, and some others. EasySilhouette is a python script that works for Maya 2018 and higher. Learn more here.