How to Clean Up Volume Noise in Redshift

Saul Espinosa looks into directly rendering Maya fluids and how to clean up the volume noise in Redshift.

Recent additions to Redshift for Maya gave users the ability to render Maya Fluids directly. That’s all great, but how does one efficiently manage the volume noise in with the Redshift settings? That is the subject of Saul Espinosa’s latest video. Espinosa covers some of the settings and how to assign the rsVolume to the fluid simulation.

“You no longer need to convert your volume into a VDB,” Espinosa mentions. “We will also cover how to clean up volume noise.” Saul Espinosa is a Concept Artist, and Matte Painter who’s Patreon covers plenty of great Redshift tutorials and techniques. Espinosa previously covered how to work with the unified sample to clean up noise in general for renders with Redshift.