How to Create a Tree Swing With the Vellum Solver

The CGI Nerd shows how to create a simple tree swing simulation using the Vellum Solver for the ropes.

Position Based Dynamics are a great way to solve for simulations. In SideFX Houdini, the Vellum Solver is a fantastic solution for creating simulations for anything that involve cloth, hair, and grains. It is fast, reliable, and produces excellent results. Have a look at how to use the solver to create a simple tree swing animation in Houdini in this latest tutorial from the CGI Nerd, Alejandro Perez.

Perez shows how to use cloth and string constraints with the vellum solver covering all the basics for working with the new dynamics tool in Houdini. Vellum offers quick solutions for string and ropes and such – have a look at how to create a spider’s web in just under two minutes.