How to Create Intuitive Viewport Texture Controls With Xpresso

Learn how to create intuitive controls in the C4D Viewport that can control textures when working with Redshift.

Youtuber Stormz posts a look into a way to better control textures when working with Redshift inside of CInema 4D. The technique makes use of Xpresso to link control objects in the viewport to texture attributes so you can control textures by moving the objects. “In this video, we go over how to set up more intuitive controls for your textures by using Xpresso,” Storm says of his tutorial.

For this example, the tutorial¬†covers how to create a viewport control that can control the offset and displacement of the textures in the scene. Creating controls like this makes it easier to change attributes without having to dig around for them. “We set up a null to control the offset and displacement of our textures in order to make it easier to art direct our scenes.”

Xpresso is a great way to make controls in C4D and is a vital part of the rigging process.