Check Out This Fast Way to Select a Row of Polys in C4D

Glenn Frey shows a super-easy way to select a row of polygons in Cinema 4D.

Some quick tips while simple, are incredibly helpful especially if they can save you a ton of time. One thing that ends up being time-consuming in the 3D world is creating selections. If you are selecting a row of polygons face by face, you should reconsider your efforts. Most 3D tools will allow you to create a selection like this easily, and Cinema 4D is no exception. Watch Maxon’s Glenn Frey in this short tutorial, show us how.

Selecting a row of faces is standard procedure, especially when working with models that require edge-loop techniques, such as organic and character modeling. In C4D a simple combination keyboard modifier will let you select a row in an instant. Much better than doing it individually or by trying to paint a selection.

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