How to Create a Dripping Effect in Cinema 4D

Merkvilson shows how to create a water-like dripping effect in C4D using vertex maps.

Cinema 4D tools are pretty amazing when they come together. I love applications where the sum of the parts are greater than the whole, and C4D is definitely one of those along with Houdini and others. As an example of this, check out Merkvilson’s tutorial that shows how to create a dripping effect using only C4D tools. It’s a masterclass in a “sum of the parts” mentality.

Merk uses a Mograph cloner to drop objects onto another, using the collisions and resulting dynamic simulation a foundation to create a vertex map. It is this vertex map that will create the dripping effect in the end. You might remember Merk from his ultra-successful Patreon where he shares tips and tricks along with his amazing range of plugins for Cinema 4D.