How to Work With the New Gradient in C4D

Jonas Pilz covers working with the new gradient feature that popped up in R20.

With the release of Cinema 4D R20 came a new Gradient that sports a new interface along with a new way to work with it. Check out this new quick tip video from Maxon’s Jonas Pilz who shows some of the things that you can do using R20’s gradient.

R20’s gradient now has a host of new features, of which the list includes:

  • Updated interface
  • Gradient color bar can be displayed in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Selected knots now have an orange outline
  • If more than one Knot is selected, selection handles appear. This allows you to move all selected
  • Knots at the same time to scale the range
  • New Double Selected Knots and Distribute Selected Knots command in the Context menu
  • New Interpolation mode Blend
  • Interpolation can now be set per Knot
  • Intensity renamed to Brightness (only available in the Legacy gradient)
  • New options if the gradient is used in User Data”´ (COLOR, ALPHA, NOEDITCOLOR,

Jonas Pilz shows you how to to use this new powerful interface and what it is capable of creating.