Merk Vilson’s Snap To Floor plugin for C4D adds a new “fake” gravity effect.

Cinema 4D has a couple of add-on solutions for snapping things to the floor or having items interact with the floor. One of them is Drop to Floor, and other stuff like RollIt make it easy to move objects in realistic ways. Probably none are as versatile as MerkVilson’s Snap to Floor plugin. In a recent update, the handy C4D tool gains the ability to have a “fake” gravity effect.

Now not only will the plugin place objects on any floor, but it will also have the objects respect the floor’s space with real-time collisions. Snap to Floor works with most versions of C4D from R15 to R20, Studio, Broadcast, Prime or Visualize. The plugin costs a mere $12 – visit the page for the plugin to learn more.