Getting Started with Red Giant SuperComp in Ae

Stu Maschwitz shows off Supercomp for after effects, watch and be prepared to be amazed.

After Effects is a jack of all trades when it comes to things like compositing, it can handle a bit of everything competently, yet being layer-based, when things get a lot more complicated, so does the need to rip your hair out. Compositions, pre-compositions, expressions, and linked elements can run amok, and no matter how diligent you are with organizing and naming, a revisit to the project can still leave you lost. Now a new tool that is part of the brand-new Red Giant VFX suite makes it easy to create complex composites, where effects will interact with ALL your layers and elements of a scene in a much more natural way. 

Have a look at this introduction from Stu Maschwitz and be prepared to be jaw-drop-amazed. Stu walks through some of the higher-end compositing workflows and uses supercomp to show how Red Giant leapfrogs the limitations of layers to make everything intuitive and straightforward. Supercomp makes it simple to composite all of your elements into one convincing shot realistically; you’ll want to use it on everything.