How to Create Seamless Concrete With V-Ray for C4D

Fabio Palvelli shows how to use V-Ray power shaders to create seamless concrete in Cinema 4D.

No matter what render engine, you end up using with Cinema 4D (and there are many), creating realistic or believable materials is an essential skill to have. If you are working with V-Ray for Cinema 4D, check out this new tutorial from Fabio Palvelli who shows how to create a seamless concrete material using V-Ray power shaders. Fabio’s tutorial series covers a new material each time, and this week’s look shows some tips for creating a seamless building material from bitmaps.

Recently V-Ray for C4D jumped home to the Chaos Group who will oversee the development of the render engine for Cinema in parallel with the other versions like 3ds Max and Maya. The announcement came as good news for Vray Cinema users as development under LAUBlab KG was pretty stagnant, and C4D was virtually the only DCC that didn’t have a modern V-Ray engine.