How to Time Offset Instances With Houdini

Tim van Helsdingen shows how you can time offset instances based on attributes.

Working with instances in any 3D app is a necessary workflow, but have you ever wanted to time offset instances when you are working in Side FX Houdini? There are a few ways to do this, yet there is one way that is simple and maybe one of which you might not have thought. Tim van Helsdingen shows the easy way in his latest tutorial, while also wondering why he never figured this out earlier. “For some reason, I never figured this out until a while ago,” Tim mentions.

Tim shows how to time offset instances based on attributes. MOPs has a tool that lets you do something similar, and you might even encounter some errors while using it. Tim shows how to get disc-based caches to time offset, with each instance based on attributes. Tim has a Patreon page where you can find all kinds of tutorials and a community around Side FX Houdini techniques.