Moho 13 Released With Bitmap Frame by Frame Animation and More

Moho 13 adds bitmapped drawing tools and frame by frame bitmapped animation too.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any major updates to Moho, (formerly Anime Studio) the 2D character animation system. Now, a new release, Moho 13 brings new bitmap drawing tools along with the ability to rig and animate bitmap graphics with a traditional frame by frame style complete with onion skinning.

Moho is an excellent alternative to working with characters in Adobe After Effects, as everything is under one native engine, with a comprehensive animation concentric keyframes and timeline – basically everything which an animator would feel comfortable.

Moho 13 bitmap engine lets users use freehand drawing tools and create custom brushes to make the artwork look more crafted. “New in Moho Pro and Debut – create traditional style animations directly in Moho by combining the new Moho bitmap tools and image-based Frame by Frame layer. Speedup your workflow by creating a storyboard or animatic right in Moho.”

Moho 13 also includes better 3D integration and support. Users can now see better object previews during camera moves. You can also modify a 3D object’s material properties. “Get the look that best fits your projects with imported 3D objects using these new material editing options and toon shading controls. Get more support in controlling and removing the pre-defined output options.”

Moho 13 Key Features include: 

  • Bitmap Frame by Frame Capabilities 
  • Bitmap Freehand Drawing Tools
  • Custom Bitmap Brush Creation (Pro) 
  • New Actions Window (Pro) 
  • 3D Objects Light Manipulation Support (Pro) 
  • 3D Object Material Properties Support (Pro) 
  • New Professional Quality Characters 

Check out Moho 13, the all-in-one 2D animation software for professionals, available now for $399.99, or get a 30-day free trial here.