Elementza helps modelers to understand the concept of Topology in 3D.

Mario Brajdich’s (Elementza) latest dives into why Topology is so essential when 3D modeling, regardless of the application in which you work. Check out this short tutorial that shows various topology methods and demonstrates why some work and why some will fail in certain situations. Brajdich shows with practical examples precisely what is happening with Topology when it works, and when it doesn’t.

Elementza has some significant premium (and free) resources for modeling with Cinema 4D and Maya. As part of the free resources, there is a handy post that covers the topic in greater detail. Check that out here.

Elementza’s 3D Modeling in Maya for Beginner’s course which costs around $20 – a pretty good value based on the free previews alone. Visit Elementza to learn more.