Check out this ScreenSpace Pickable’s Plugin for Maya

Check out this ScreenSpace Pickable Plugin for Maya

Eddie Hoyle posts a Maya plugin that lets you add pickable shapes as if they are attached to the Maya viewport.

Picking or selecting controls is one thing that gets revisited for both technical artists, rigging artists, and animators alike. Lots of work goes into making controls on a rig or having a controllers rig where you can pick seemingly on the character. A new plugin from Eddie Hoyle, a software engineer at Animal Logic, offers a step over what’s currently available, allowing you to pick shapes right from the Maya viewport. ScreenSpace allows you to make pickable shapes added to transforms and then display them as if they are a part of the Maya viewport, like a customized heads display.

With the ScreenSpace plugin, you can create pickable’s that you can customize, offset, and style to your taste. Options can include the color, position, size, and alignment of the shapes, plus a lot of other things too.

To build the plugin, you’ll need CMake, git, and Maya — Follow the directions on the screen space page for more information. Download Screenspace pickables for Maya here.