How to Blend Fluids in C4D With Vertex Maps

Sam Winter offers a look into working with vertex maps to blend fluids and colors in Cinema 4D with Realflow.

Work with Cinema 4D? There are plenty of fluid tools available for that DCC, each that has their key benefits. Still, some things will remain reasonably standard across fluid workflows, especially while in Cinema 4D. Things like Fields and Vertex Maps can always have a place when working with third-party tools. In this case, tutorial author Sam Winter (Digital Meat) shows how using vertex maps can help to blend fluids in C4D.

“We take a look at using Vertex Maps to Blend Fluid colors. We Use these Vertex weights in the Vertex Map Shader and also use a workaround to get the desired result,” Winter mentions about the tutorial. Next Limit’s RealFlow for C4D offers their award-winning fluid simulation tools directly in Cinema 4D, completely integrated, working most of the tools including MoGraph, Thinking Particles, C4D Hair, vertex maps, and more.