Create an 80s Style Sunset With Blender Eevee

Nathan Duck shows how to create a classic-looking 80s style sunset using realtime techniques in Blender With Eevee.

Retro graphics has a warm place in a lot of people’s hearts. From the shiny neon to the glowing motifs of the 80s style, the distinctive look of early computer graphics offers a great way to implement new tech. Have a look at this tutorial from Nathan Duck, who shows how to create that 80s style sunset classic look using realtime tools in Blender that includes blender’s new real-time viewport Eevee.

The tutorial covers using the ocean modifier to create a looping animation for the sunsets’ reflection. Eevee’s real-time render effects like glows and blooms are centerstage in this tutorial, offering real-time feedback for the look and feel of the final piece.