DUIK Rigging Tools Makes its Way to Blender

DUIK Rigging Tools Makes its Way to Blender

After Effects’ rigging and animation savior, DUIK is now in development for Blender.

If you are a patron of Nicolas Dufresne, then you already know about DUIK on Blender. DUIK is the amazing rigging and animation tool that After Effects animators enjoyed for nearly a decade, while the Adobe team have sidetracked their animation efforts almost strangely into Character Animator.

DUIK is a robust set of tools for rigging and animation, allowing Ae users to create FK and IK chains, including joints, constraints, and rigging utilities like a more ubiquitous null in After Effects. What’s even more astounding is that DUIK is open source and free. The latest announcement from Dufresne, a strong supporter of free and open source software, makes sense where we will see the rigging suite come to Blender.

If you are a patron of Dufresne, you can have access to an early version of DUIK on the Blender platform. DUIK brought professional, and industry standard workflows and tools to After Effects, and DUIK for Blender will likely be the same, so it’s good news for Blender users who want some top-quality rigging and auto-rigging tools in a 3D environment. Check out Nicolas Dufresne on Patreon to learn more.

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