How to Stick Images to a Wall of Cubes in C4D

Pixldg shows an easy way to stick images to a series of objects in Cinema 4D.

Working with Maxon Cinema 4D’s Mograph module is a delight. It allows you to create and manipulate a series of objects intuitively and almost masterfully. New users may stumble on a few aspects of the mograph system; one of them is applying textures onto many objects, as one texture. That task is something that gets covered by tutorial authors every once in a while, so there are quite a few resources out there on that topic. Some new insights into how to stick images to a bunch of cubes come to us from Emir Bojorquez (Pixldg).

Bojorquez shows a simple way to put multiple images on the sides of a group of cubes. If you want to stick pictures to things, you have the choice to use a variety of techniques. You can place textures across clones procedurally using Xpresso, or you can choose to stick them on with effectors and a few other tricks.