Working With Stardust and Volumetric Lighting

Roland Hartmann shows how to master 3D volumetric lighting while using Stardust in Ae.

More and more, we see that the particle and 3D plugins for After Effects push the boundaries of what is possible in that aged compositor and half-baked motion graphics tool. Case in point is Stardust, a modular 3D particle system for After Effects that represents the most modern tech packed into an effects tool that you can get for your after effects arsenal. Check out this tutorial from Roland Hartmann of who shows how to work with volumetric lighting while working on a planet/space scene.

The tutorial covers creating the asteroid field and planet and then dives into bringing the scene to life by working with 3D volumetric lighting effects. “It looks complex and quite difficult, but the setup is quite simple,” Hartmann mentions about the tutorial. Having 3D objects react with the lighting in the shot is a great way to add dramatic effects. Stardust is amazing; click here to learn more.