Check Out Some Behind the Scenes Stuff for Maya Bifrost

Bifrost in Maya is now a node-based VFX environment, and here are some of the technologies that stand out.

The Maya Learning Channel posted some “Masterclass” stuff behind the Bifrost announcement coming out of this year’s Siggraph.
Have a look at the fundamentals behind the Bifrost combustion solver including the math and physics-based models behind it from principal engineer Michael B. Nielson. Another vid from scientist Robert Bridson explains the math that makes Bifrost’s Aero solver so powerful.

Bifrost grew out of a fluid simulation tool Naiad. What started as a new fluid solver integration into Maya is now a new visual programming environment. Bifrost is a node-based graph environment in Maya that lets you create your custom effects. You can publish and share those effects with other artists.

The graph editor allows you to create visual programming graphs for tasks like scattering, instancing, deformation, volume processing, dynamic simulation, material assignments, and even file IO.

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