Get to Know the Animation Nodes Expression Node

Jimmy Gunawan has a look at the animation nodes Expression Node for procedural animation.

Motion graphics or the shortened Mograph is a tern that often tends to describe procedural animation. With Cinema 4D the Mograph module is an excellent example of that. In Blender, it’s Animation Nodes, a set of versatile nodes that allow you to drive animation. Blender Sushi Jimmy Gunawan has a look into one of the essential nodes in ANimation Nodes for building procedural motion, the Expression Node.

Gunawan defines the expression as a quick way to put together a set of mathematical terms to get a SINGLE output result which can be a list, a value, etc.

Gunawan shows how to better understand the expression node through drivers and python. The video covers a few classic examples like bouncing balls, automatic rotations, and how to use an expression to drive bones.