How to Create a Simple Magic Wall Effect With MASH

Phil Radford shows how to create a magic brick wall effects using Maya’s MASH.

I’m not even sure what MASH stands for, but as Maya’s motion graphics toolset, it’s a lot more versatile than just motion graphics. As an example, you can use MASH to create some Effect too, like as in this tutorial. Watch the Maya Guy Phil Radford as he shows us how to create a magic wall effect. Radford shows how to use MASH to build a brick wall while also utilizing the toolset for the animated effects.

The tutorial covers working with MASH in both those capacities, cites Radford who demonstrates how to make the brick wall. “Firstly create a brick wall using MASH inside of Maya and on to creating some cool Harry Potter-like magic fx using MASH within Maya.” Radford has a lot of great tutorials that show how to create VFX using particles, Bifrost, and other workflows in Autodesk Maya, including MASH.