How to Translate Blender Animation On 2’s

Dikko shows how you can take interpolated animation and put it on 2’s.

Computer and 3D animation take a lot of cues from traditional animation. When you place a keyframe, you are the keyframe animator. Most animation tools will them become the in-between artist and interpolate between all the keys for you – basically giving you animation for every frame, or on the 1’s. Sometimes, however, you’d like to have a more “traditional” look to the animation and have it on the 2’s. Working in 3D, this could seem tricky, but it’s pretty easy.

Check out this walkthrough by Dikko who shows how you can create animation on the 2’s from typically interpolated animation in Blender. The technique uses keyframe baking for the heavy lifting, but there are also a few tips to get hold keys, and other friendly animation mechanics involved.