How to Work With Volume Meshing in Stardust

Friedpixels dives into working with volumes and volume meshing in the latest Stardust release.

The latest version of Stardust added some volume workflows centered around Open VDB. Working with the latest Stardust lets users create volume objects, or even convert entire particle systems and models to volumes. How does it all work? Just watch this new tutorial from James Ramirez, who focuses on volume meshing.

“There’s a new version of Stardust (1.5), and I wanted to create a quick’ ish look at some of the new features,” James says. “I am mostly taking a look at the latest volume meshing. I haven’t spent much time with it yet but just wanted to go over the test scene and one of the presets.”

James also covers what’s new in the material node, has a look into caching volumes, and some other tidbits too.