A New Stardust Adds a New Volume Workflow

Stardust for After Effects adds a new volume workflow, 3D Wireframes and more.

A new update to Stardust for After Effects sees a volume workflow added to the node-based particle plugin. It’s a significant addition that brings an OpenVDB integration into the powerhouse particle plugin. With Stardust 1.5, you can easily create volume objects, or convert entire particle systems and models to volumes. With the new volume workflow, you can then manipulate the result with Stardust tools like tools such as booleans, filters, noise, and more. Amazing right?

Other additions to Stardust include 3D wireframes, a function to extrude edges to create 3D objects from masks and text with a few clicks, along with various other tools and improvements. The Stardust team are essentially leapfrogging other particle plugins adding huge features in massive updates frequently. If you don’t already have a particle plugin, Stardust is probably a great choice.

I’m not sure how you can even consider something like Trapcode Particular in light of the speed and quality of the advancements in Stardust. Not to mention that Stardust is $150 cheaper too.

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