Working With Mocha Pro and Particle Illusion to Make Removes

Mary Poplin shows how to create ghostly effects using Mocha and Particle Illusion in one workflow.

I love to watch VFX techniques, no matter the task. Even when talking about a remove, every shot is different and requires some nuance to complete. What works with one shot may not work with another. Having said all that, have a look at this new tutorial from Mary Poplin, who shows us how to create a ghostly effect. The tutorial covers creating a remove with mocha pro and then adding the subject back in using Particle Illusion.

Mocha Pro handles the tracking, while the remove module takes care of removing the subject from the background. Then Poplin shows how to work with Boris FX Particle Illusion in After Effects to generate wispy smoke elements that will reveal the foreground subject once more.

Continuum Particle Illusion’s fast and easy particle system used to generate wispy, vapors, and combined with Sapphire Glow to produce a transparent ghost effect.