What is are Matrices and How to Use Them in Houdini

CG Forge talks about Matrices and how to implement them as a Houdini Artist.

Matrices become important in Side FX Houdini no matter what kind of user you are, casual, intermediate or expert. Maybe you’ve always wondered what a matrix is and how you can incorporate them into a workflow. If that’s the case, then you should check out this new tutorial from CG Forge’s Tyler Bay.

Tyler runs through how Matrices are useful as a Houdini Artist with a couple of real-world examples. You can dive even deeper into the topic of matrices by watching Fabricio Chamon’s tutorial that helps you understand Matrices and local space transforms here. A little more in-depth is a tutorial from Paweł Rutkowski showing us how we can extract a transformation Matrix using VEX. Also, be sure to check out the many other tutorials that work with Matrices here.