Better Understanding Blender’s Scene Organization

If you are new to Blender but work in 3D, here is how you can easily organize your scene.

On the heels of Blender’s sudden popularity in version 2.8, lots of people are looking to switch or get into Blender and are coming from another DCC. When that happens, there will inevitably be a lot of frustration, especially if you are coming from Autodesk Maya. One thing that is different in the two apps is scene organization. Things like grouping, parenting, and sets (or collections) are disparate between the two.

A Question (or rant) by Steve Talkowski who asked about how grouping works in Blender sparked two responses in scene organization and best practices for doing so in Blender. One is from Riggin Dojo’s Brad Clark, and the other from Satish Goda. Both show how to group objects under a transform in Blender, and help us to understand parenting, groups, and hierarchy in both better.