Check Out How Cavalry Works With Data – Spoiler, it’s amazing.

Check Out How Cavalry Works With Data - Spoiler, it's amazing.

Chris Hardcastle breaks down how Cavalry can work with data for motion graphics.

I’m sure there are plenty of motion designers out there who use tools that don’t allow them to work effectively in a variety of workflows. One such workflow, working with data, can leave a lot of people scratching their heads staring at After Effects. There is a lot involved, and it can seem like kludge sometimes. Cavalry, a new motion graphics tool in development from Mainframe’s Manchester studio, is here to help.

A new post from Chris Hardcastle breaks down how Cavalry can work with data, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. “If you can construct a sentence which includes the words data and design, then don’t be surprised if the people around you fall to their knees in awe of your majesty. Combining the two is very ‘of the moment.” Hardcastle writes. “Our approach is very simple – allow users to bring data in and make it available to connect to anything. It’s just numbers after all, so why not?”

Hardcastle runs through a few examples in his Medium article, that also explains dynamic rendering and provides some insights into the development of Cavalry. “We’ve shown some very pragmatic examples in this post, but the same concepts can be used to control (pretty much) anything in Cavalry. It could be setting the number of sides on a polygon, the colour of a bouncing ball, use it to set up banner ads for A/B testing, select which image is being used as a background… the possibilities are endless!”

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Cavalry is an animation application currently in private beta. The team is working hard on opening that up to a wider pool of people.

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