How to Create Wood Planks in Houdini Using Procedural Patterns

Kenny Lammers’ new series looks into working with procedural patterns to create wood planks.

A new series started by Kenny Lammers (Indie-Pixel) will bring working with procedural patterns in Houdini to the forefront. “I’m super excited to launch the first in a series of mini-courses on how to produce tiling patterns in Houdini.”

 Procedural patterns is an important concept when learning to use Houdini as these patterns will come up quite often. Lammers plans a new tutorial every month, walking through how to create a unique pattern in Houdini.

The first tutorial is part of the free section of the full course, where Lammers shows a quick overview of the entire course and discusses the items involved.

Check out the mini-course for creating wood planks, that¬†you can get on Gumroad. You can get it now for $2.99 using the COUPON CODE “patternsone”