How to Render With Cycles Faster Using AI Denoiser

Remington Markham shows how to save a massive amount of time rendering with Cycles by using AI Denoiser.

New Blender hype these days centers around the addition of Intel’s Denoiser allowing users to speed up render times by offering cleaner renders at fewer samples. Typically denoiser tools will get rid of the noise in an image using a neural network to intelligently smooth out areas of the image without making them blurry.

Check out this walkthrough from Remington Markham (SothernShotty) who walks through some comparison renders with Cycles in Blender, between using the AI denoiser and a straight render. Spoiler alert: the AI Denoiser is massively faster, while still offering the relative quality of the original render. It’s the difference between 1500 samples over 66 hours and using ten samples in 45 minutes. Yeah, crazy.