Getting Started With Simple Python Scripting in Maya

The CGI Nerd offers some insights into creating simple Python scripts in Maya.

We don’t all need to be coders and scripters to speed up tasks in our everyday work. A lot of applications make it easy to create scripts, and some apps have an embedded language. That’s the case with Maya’s MEL (Maya’s Embedded Language) that drives everything in the program, including the standard tools. Maya also can use Python, an industry-standard scripting language that offers a lot more flexibility.

Check out this multi-part tutorial series from The CGI Nerd Alejandro Perez who offers a look into creating your very first script with Python in Maya. The series covers a look into wi=orking with Python in Maya, commands, and variables and shows how to create your own very first simple python script too.


More Resources for Getting Started With Python

Independent custom tools developer Chris Zurbrigg has a great Beginning Python for Maya series that is for anyone new to Python and scripting in Maya.

Senior Asset and Tech Artist Kasper Larsson has created a course to help new users get started with Python for Maya.