Jump Into Houdini With This Free Course from HipFlask

Hipflask launches the Houdini Made Easy series with 5 hours of free Houdini training for beginners. 

Are you looking to dive in and learn some Side FX Houdini? If the answer is yes, then you should check out this new free course from HipFlask. Houdini Made Easy is a structured learning path for learning Houdini from the ground up. 

Getting to grips with Houdini requires a solid understanding of foundational CG, math, and geometry concepts. This course builds those foundations while progressively teaching you how to apply them in Houdini.  

Houdini’s different to other content creation packages and with this latest training series from Hipflask, you’ll learn the essential Houdini concepts and workflows that make this software so uniquely powerful. 

Module 01, The Core Essentials, has over 50 lessons and is over 5 hours long. Best of all, it’s completely free! 

Start learning Houdini today at https://www.hipflask.how/.

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