Working With Wireframe Renders Using Stardust

Noble Kreative shows how to create a Plexus style effect using Stardust in Ae.

A recent release of Stardust in After Effects saw the ability to work with wireframe renders. Showing wires is excellent for a lot of things, and his latest tutorial, Najib Khayati shows how to create a plexus style look.

To really see the full potential of working with wireframe renders using Stardust, have a look at Roland Hartmann’s tutorial. Hartmann showed how to work with wires to create some fantastic futuristic interface elements.

It is worthwhile to note that Noble Kreative (Najib Khayati) has a Patreon where you can help to support his efforts with motion graphics tutorials. If you are a patron, you can download the project files from all of the tutorials.