How to Create a Diamond Material in C4D Octane

Dave Bergin shows how to make a realistic diamond material using Octane complete with chromatic aberrations.

Cinema 4D has some great controls for things like specularity, refraction, gloss, and reflections. A lot of people like to work with Octane Renderer, which means a slightly different workflow. Check out this new tutorial from CG ShortCuts Dave Bergin, who shows how to make a fantastic looking diamond material using Octane Render.

The tutorial covers using the Octane Specular Material in Cinema 4D. It is an excerpt from CG ShortCuts’ Octane Materials Masterclass available on SkillShare.

Today we’ll be creating a Diamond Material in Octane and Cinema 4D. We’ll use the Octane Specular material in C4D. As with all CG ShortCuts tutorials, you can download the project files and use them in your own work.