How to Work With Cryptomattes in Blender Compositing

Flipped Normals looks at working with Cryptomattes in Blender’s compositor.

For the 3D artists who want to get a little more into Blender, the Flipped Normals team has your back. They are showing us all how to get into Blender, covering all the things that experienced, and new 3D artists will need to know along the way. The latest tutorial shows how to work with Cryptomattes in Blender compositing.

Blender 2.8 introduced the cryptomatte workflow for rounding out the render pass creation and compositing toolset. Created at Psyop by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones, Cryptomatte has quickly become the industry standard for creating ID mattes. Cryptomatte has support in Blender Cycles thanks to the work of Tangent Animation and Blender Foundation.