Use Swarms in Ae to Make Insects Fly Around a Light

Creation Effects shows how to use the Swarms asset to create insects flying around a light in a scene effortlessly.

An easy way to bring a still image to life is to give it some subtle movement. That could be in the form of a camera move, or it can be as simple as having birds or insects flying around in the background. While effects like flying things are simple enough with a particle system, they are super quick using an asset like Creation Effects Swarm for After Effects.

Check out this tutorial that shows how to use Swarm to bring a still image to life by inserting flying insects around a light source. The swarming animation tool lets you choose between 18 different bug species. You can customize virtually any attribute, allowing users to create custom bugs, and control how they look and where they fly.

Learn more about the Swarm After Effects Template here.