Check Out this Maya-Like Softmod Add-on for Blender

Maurizio Memoli posts Softmod 2, a blenderized version of the paintable cluster for Maya.

As Maya folks add Blender 2.8 to their toolsets, inevitably, some add-ons will pop up that mimic some of Maya’s functionality. As an example, Maurizio Memoli recently updated his Softmod Add-on for Blender, which brings a paintable Maya-like soft modification tool to the Opensource 3D powerhouse.

Softmod Add-on has a few features like setting the radius of influence, symmetry support, and adjustable pivot points. Maya’s Softmod tool is excellent for tweaking models, blend shapes, and even rigging in some cases. The Blender add-on creates armature modifiers, which makes it possible to sculpt shape keys on the top of them. 

Check out the Softmod Add-on for Blender, free, here.