How to Create Animated Hexagon Tiles With Stardust

Noble Kreative shows how to create a motion graphics animated hexagon tile-set using Stardust in Ae.

The term motion graphics is almost synonymous with 3D instancing and replication, primarily due to Cinema 4D. However, some plugins allow you to work more efficiently with 3D in a 2D motion graphics application like After Effects. Stardust is one of those. Check out this new motion graphics tutorial from Najib Khayati that shows how you can use Stardust to create animated hexagon tiles that look really great.

Stardust is a fantastic way to handle 3D work in After Effects. It has some high-end features like a VDB workflow, volume re-meshing, and a tremendous instancing engine.

Stardust is a node-based particle and 3D system for After Effects. Visit our friends at Toolfarm to learn more.