How to Fold Vellum With a Curve in Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa shows how you can fold Vellum using a curve by customizing constraints.

Pretty much 90% of the Vellum examples are jaw-dropping. Adding to that list is a new tutorial from Junichiro Horikawa how shows how you can fold Vellum using a curve in Side FX Houdini.

The curve folding simulation creates a hard crease on the vellum surface, much like folding origami in real-life. “It is all about customizing the constraint to get the necessary force you need,” Horikawa says about the technique. “By learning this method, you can extend the idea to deal with a whole lot of other physical simulations using Vellum, which is pretty exciting.”

Junichiro often mixes art and code in Houdini and previously covers a lot of really cool generative exercises from fractals to visualizing complex math.